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In our 17 years of spay and neuter clinics in Boquete, we have seen too many starving and underfed dogs and cats.
With the pandemic in 2020 many businesses were closed and people lost their jobs. With little or no money coming in, it was difficult to feed a family, much less the pets.
In response, Amigos de Animales started a feeding program to reach out to the families in need of support for their animals. Once a month, our team buys dog and cat food and distributes it to the families or to the feeding programs for the street animals. One condition of this help is that every animal must either already be sterilized or come to our clinic for the procedure.

Now that the crisis has abated, we are finding that there are still people in great need of our support.
We are currently spending over $1,300 a month (over $15,000 a year) over and above our usual clinic expenses.
Each bag of food costs about $30. We can help feed an animal for $10 per month. Will you sponsor one or more animals? You can make a one-time donation or a recurring donation. Please click on the button to the right.

AADAB's mission is to provide low cost spaying and neutering of dogs and cats and to promote the general welfare of animals in our community and surrounding areas.


*** Our next clinic will be on January 29th.  Please call or WhatsApp Rosa at 6563-8686 to get on the waiting list. ***
Due to MINSA regulations, we are currently doing clinics by appointment only. Therefore you cannot register through the website.
To get on the waiting list e-mail us at or call Rosa at  6563-8686.

Starting in January 2022 we increased our prices to $20 for a dog and $10 for a cat.

2023 Calendar

The 2023 calendars are almost gone! Still only $10 - you can purchase them at The Garden, La Granja, Mascotas, Mike's Global Grill, Sugar & Spice, Larry's Place and the BCP Tuesday Market  Great for gifts!

Gift Certificates

We have made gift certificates in the denomination of $10 and $20, the cost of an individual sterilization for a cat or a dog. Do you have a friend or neighbor or worker who has an animal needing to be sterilized? Please tell them that the procedure will make their animals safer and free them from the worry of the related illnesses or injuries that might ensue with cat or dog fights.

These certificates are an easy way to help. They are available at the Animales table at the BCP Tuesday Market or at our clinics.

Kira, our 20,000th animal, with Dra. Chely and Gia

PLEASE, help us feed local Dogs and Cats..

There are so many local families struggling this past year. Since the pandemic started, we have been purchasing dog and cat food at a cost of about $1,300 per month.  We have been distributing this food to local families through the government and our collectors. We delivered over 14,000 pounds of pet food in 2021, and more than 17,000 pounds in 2022.  Our main requirement is that all animals must be sterilized.  We have raised $14,494, and any donation is helpful. Thank you. Donate here

Pleasures of Panamá Fundraiser

We raised $24,923 on our annual "non-raffle" fundraiser!  We charge only $20 per dog and $10 per cat.  Our costs are over $25 per animal - for a clinic of 200 we are short by over $2,500, so we rely on fundraisers and donations to make up the difference.

Thank you to all who donated and to our wonderful prize sponsors!  See more information here

Membership Drive

Sign up for your annual Amigos de Animales membership and receive this great car magnet. Membership is still only $10. You can sign up at the BCP Tuesday Market or at a clinic.

Mobile Van

Here it is, all decked out on the outside. Now we just have to complete fitting out the inside and we will be good to go! Thank you to everyone who donated and made this dream a reality.  More pictures here:

Giving Tuesday

We are so thankful for our vets, volunteers, donors and sponsors.  We believe in the Giving Tuesday motto: "Do your little bit of good wherever you are, it's those little bits put together that overwhelm the world." This year we are raising funds for our Food Drive campaign. Donate here.

Volunteer Training Video

In January 2022 we held a Training session via Zoom for New and Returning Volunteers. The meeting mainly covered the process that an animal goes through as it travels through the clinic, from Registration all the way to Recovery and going home safely. Please watch the video here.

Please click here for job descriptions and volunteer opportunities.

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