A Kettle Full of Dogs and Life Goes On

This was originally posted by Lee Zeltzer on his blog, The Boquete Panama Guide.  I am posting it here with his permission.

On May 31 several, including two females are going to the Amigos de Animales clinic to terminate their reproductive careers. I obtained consent the owner to have them clipped. He said, he has too many mouths to feed. I suspect seeing them at a healthy weight but not leaving my carport inspired him to see the light.

As the current leader of the pack I have two inside doglets, one terrazza dog, the one in the cow photo and from four to six hounds living in the car port at any given moment. All but three are unplanned rescue dogs, but all have become dear and I doubt any will be seeking new homes. Dogs literally grow on me, each selected a name by its behavior, now I feed them, medicate them and have conversations with them. They bend their heads in acknowledgement while apparently trying to understand human conversation.  I always remember they are dogs. Dogs are more honest, more trusting and more trustworthy than many people I know, they are also more dependent. Dogs are children that never become adults.

I wish I could write a bit from their perspective. They live charmed lives now. Food, friendship, toys and their canine buddies. My cat has made herself scarce, a tragedy, but it does demonstrate feline intelligence. She could always manage one dog at a time but a pack is too much. She climbs up to her food, eats, climbs down and hangs out in the laundry room, her safe sleeping spot. The upside is we have more birds, the dogs ignore birds. I wish they ignored the chickens too.

What once was a two horse stable is now a twenty chicken coop. The chickens needed a safe retreat from their canine buddies. The chickens have two jobs here. They do insect control for the entire farm, no spraying for bugs,  and provide a bounty of eggs that work really well as a side dish to bacon or Canadian Peameal bacon, thanks Joanne 🙂

So now as I sit on the terrazza in a moment of peace, no dogs barking or more accurately howling, no cat in sight and lots of birds singing I am reflecting on how great it is to live in hills above Boquete.

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