Abused dog for adoption, previous owner to pay $1,211

AN 18-MONTHS OLD  boxer dog whose owner has been fined $1,000 for animal abuse is in the care of the Panama Mayoralty  and is available for adoption.

“Toby,”  was found  in critical condition on Friday April  1 in a shop of EKA Group, Panama S.A. in Villas de las Acacias, Tocumen, suffering from acute tick infestation and malnutrition.

The owner who appeared before the local magistrate was also ordered to pay veterinary costs of $211.00 to St. Francis of Assisi Foundation which saved the life of the dog suffering from low hemoglobin.

Toby needed blood tests, iron injections. Worming intravenous antibiotics, complete blood count, consultation, medicines, de-worming, intravenous antibiotics and tick bath.

The dog’s condition is now stable and the ehrlichia (tick fever) infection is being treated.

Duna Salamín, head of the Department of Animal Welfare, said the the dog will remain in the care of the city  for 21 day . Once he  has increased his weight to 30 kilos from its present 25 kilos level, and his hemoglobin has risen, he will be sterilized and  ready for adoption. Individuals or families interested in adopting Toby, can call directly to Animal Welfare of the Municipality of Panama to phone 6106- 4212 or 506-9840.

They must meet the following requirements: have a home with  fence and  a shaded space where the dog can rest without being tied, a copy of an identity card, a copy of a water, electricity or phone receipt  to verify the  home, and sign a legal adoption document with the Municipality of Panama.

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