Amigo de Animales Events Center Is Available For Your Next Function!

The Animales Events Center is a modern facility located in lower Alto Boquete across from Supercentro Ivan.  Built in 2015, this well-located venue is convenient for car, bus and taxi transportation and offers an outstanding environment for your next event.

The building is approximately 2000 square feet, with an open floor plan that includes a large covered side patio.  A fully functional kitchen is available and includes double sinks, stove/oven, refrigerator and lots of counter space for food preparation, serving and bar service.

Tables and chairs can be provided for up to 72 people and linens and wine glasses are available for rent.

Two large parking lots can accommodate 50-60 cars.

To reserve the facility, please complete the form below.

For rental rates, further information or to arrange a site visit contact Carol Hurst at

For inquiries in Spanish, please e-mail or call Elena Serracin at or 6920-1111.


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