June, 2015 Clinic Recap

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On Sunday June 28, 2015, we spayed or neutered 200 animals, 103 dogs and 97 cats. This was supposed to have been a small clinic, or what passes for small anymore.  We were expecting 150 animals and with 4 vets we thought it should be a relatively easy day. But one of our vets could not make it due to a family emergency and by mid morning we already had registered 180 animals.  When one of our collectors,  Carmencita arrived with another 25, we knew it would be a long day. And it was, but as always our wonderful volunteers rose to the occasion, they arrived early, worked hard, stayed late and we were done by 7:30 that evening. The vets, too, are just amazing.  They started at 8:15 in…
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