Information about the Clinic

 Spay and Neuter


- The October 27th clinic is full and registration is closed.
- Please call Magaly at 6563-8686 if you want to be put on a waiting list for the October clinic
- Those on the waiting list could register onsite after 10 AM with their animal(s) to be taken after 12 PM
- The next clinic is scheduled for January 26, 2020

Amigos de Animales spay & neuter clinic is organized
on the last Sunday of the month (except November and December).

Next clinic: Sunday 27th of October 2019

Register before :Closed

Register : Closed

Costs:    Cats: $8    Dogs: $15

Doors Open at: 8:00 Am

Location: AADAB Events Center

On the last Sunday of every month (except November and December) Amigos de Animales holds spay/neuter clinics. Since 2005, working in Boquete and the surrounding areas, we have sterilized over 15,000 animals. This has been accomplished with support from local and regional vets as well as vets who come here from the US to donate their time and expertise to our clinics.

Besides sterilization, the animals receive anti-parasitic medication, vitamin shots, pain medication and antibiotics on an as-needed basis. We have animal collectors in several areas who bring animals from their neighborhoods every month to the clinics, and we have set up transportation so animals can be brought to the clinics with their owners.

When we first began the sterilization clinics, most of our clients were Americans who had adopted street animals. Now, we have 85-90% Panamanians who have come to understand the value of sterilizing their pets. This represents an enormous cultural shift in attitude towards the care and maintenance of domestic animals here in Boquete and surrounding towns.

In 2013, Amigos de Animales acquired property in Alto Boquete on which We built our own facility. Work began in August of 2014 and we are now in our new home (see above map).