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Clinic Registration Procedure

*** Our next clinic will be March 26, 2023 - we need more animals!. Please contact Rosa at 6563-8686 to get on the pre-registration list. ***  Or you can register your animal by clicking here.

Due to MINSA regulations, we are currently doing clinics by appointment only.

To get on the pre-registration list e-mail us at or call/text Rosa at  6563 8686.  

Before each clinic we will contact people in order of pre-registration. We will send them a link to register their animal(s).

Once registration is complete we will notify people of their confirmation number and check-in time(s) approximately one week before the clinic.

If you have any questions contact us at or call/text Rosa at 6563 8686.

Please be sure to read the After-care instructions and (FAQ) frequently asked questions.


Note: We do not offer adoption, animal care or veterinary services. Please do not submit any requests regarding these services.


Rosa Martinez

Appointment coordinator


Photos by Fran Hogan & Cynthia Dunne

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