Education is the Key

It has long been the dream of our founder, Ruby McKenzie, to begin educating people in our area about the proper care, feeding and respect for our animal companions.  Our volunteers have embraced that dream and it is now a reality.


Joan James and Magaly Bustamnante have undertaken to work directly in the schools to educate children about dogs and cats.





The educational program we conduct focuses on children aged 10.  Children here have not always understood that animals have a heart just like theirs, and that they feel things like pain and hunger just as humans do.  Our educational program reviews the most important aspects of the care of dogs and cats, and emphasizes the need to have your pet sterilized.  The class requires no high tech equipment; large posters emphasize each point, and there are several interactive games that students can participate in and which highlight the message.


We are now well into our first year and have taught over 200 students, with our goal being to visit every school in Chiriqui and communicate our message to facilitate a change in the perception of our relationship with our animals.  The response from all teachers and principals, as well as the children themselves, has been very positive.

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