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Date(s) - 25/03/2018
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On the last Sunday of every month (except November and December) Amigos de Animales holds spay/neuter clinics. Since 2005, working in Boquete and the surrounding areas, we have sterilized over 8500 animals. This has been accomplished with support from local and regional vets as well as vets who come here from the US to donate their time and expertise to our clinics.

mapBesides sterilization, the many animals receive de-parasitizing, vitamin shots, pain meds and antibiotics on an as-needed basis. We have animal collectors in several areas who bring animals from their neighborhoods every month to the clinics, and we have set up transportation so animals can be brought to the clinics with their owners.

When we first began the sterilization clinics, most of our clients were Americans who had adopted street animals. Now, we have 85-90% Panamanians who have come to understand the value of sterilizing their pets. This represents an enormous cultural shift in attitude towards the care and maintenance of domestic animals here in Boquete and surrounding pueblos.

In 2013, Amigos de Animales acquired property in Alto Boquete on which to build our own facility. Work began in August of 2014 and we are now in our new home (see above map).

To register for this clinic, click here to contact us today with information about you and your pet(s).




  • How can I donate?

Click HERE to donate via Paypal.  You don’t have to have a Paypal account – once you click, you can donate via credit or debit card – thank you so much for helping!

  • How do I volunteer to help at the clinic?

Click HERE to volunteer!  Clinics are held the last Sunday of each month (except November and December).  You can volunteer to work with us for a few hours or the entire day!  The clinics typically run from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.


Your pet has undergone an operation under anesthesia and that requires special care and attention from you.  YOUR PET MAY BE VERY GROGGY AND POSSIBLY LETHARGIC FOR UP TO 24 HOURS.

  • How do I register for the clinic?

Call Magaly at 6563-8686  or send an e-mail to

  • May I give my pet water?    AGUA

Offer your pet water a few hours after it wakes-up.  Give it a small amount of food in the evening.  It is normal for it to have a poor appetite.  The appetite will return to normal a few days after surgery.

Una vez que el animal haya despertado del todo de la anestesia debe ofrecerle un poco agua.

  • Can I feed my pet after surgery?    COMIDA

During the first day, your pet may eat moderately.  S/he can return to her usual eating schedule and amounts after 24 hours.

El primer día el animal debe comer con moderación.

  • Is it okay if my pet gets wet / if I give him or her a bath?   MOJAR/BAÑAR

You must not allow your dog or cat to get wet for at least seven days after surgery.   Bathing is recommended only after seven days from surgery

No debe permitir que su perro o gato se moje durante por lo menos 7 días después de la cirugía.  Por este motivo, no bañe a su mascota hasta por lo menos una semana después de la cirugía.

  • Can my pet be active?  ACTIVIDAD FISICA

Keep your pet warm and dry.  During the next five days after surgery your pet must remain calm and quiet.  Do not allow it to jump or run to prevent the wound from opening.  You can take it for slow walks.

Durante 5 días su mascota debe estar lo más tranquila posible.  Evite que corra o brinque para evitar que la herida se abra.  Debe caminar, pero poco y tranquilamente.

  • How do I care for the wound?   CUIDADOS DE LA HERIDA

Check the suture site daily.  If dirt gets into the wound, gently wash it with soap and water, dry it and disinfect it with Yodo (betadyne).  If it becomes a bit irritated you might use PEZOSAN (which can be purchased in Melo’s  or Mascotas y Jardines in Boquete).

Do not allow your pet to lick its wound. We recommend using a cardboard or plastic parabolic collar if necessary.  You can buy these at Melo.

Revise la herida diariamente.  Si está sucia con tierra, lávela con agua y jabón y séquela.  Si está un poco inflamada, puede ponerle NEOTOPICO o NEOBOL (se vende en cualquiera farmacia humana) o PEZOSAN en Melo o Mascota’s.

No permita que el animal se lama la herida.  Póngale una parabólica hecha de cartón si es necesario.  Si le sale una bolita del tamaño de un mamón o ciruela, tóquela y si esta duro, la inflamación se le va ir en unos días.  Si la bolita esta suave, por favor nos llama.

  • What if I notice something unusual?

If your pet has not had any food or water during 24 hours, or if you notice a sign of pain, wound infection or anything else out of the ordinary (suture tears open), immediately call:, Dottie Thompson (bilingual) 6509-7985,   Chely Castillo 6518-4127 (Spanish/some English)  or Magaly Bustamonte 6563-8686 (bilingual)

Si su mascota no ha comido en 24 horas o si usted nota cualquier signo de dolor, infección de la herida o cualquier comportamiento diferente, llame inmediatamente a Dra. Chely Castillo al 6518-4127 o Dottie Thompson 6509-7985 (bi-lengua) o Magaly Bustamonte 6563-8686 (bi-lengua).  Ponga perdida y le devolveremos la llamada pronto

Do not give your pet any medication without prior consultation with a vet. Please call Chely Castillo at 6518-4127 

No le dé a su mascota ningún medicamento sin antes consultar al Médico Veterinario


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