February and March Clinic Recap

On Sunday February 21, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 135 animals: 74 dogs and 61 cats thanks to the 4 vets who participated in the clinic. On Sunday March 20, Animales spayed or neutered 63 animals: 41 dogs and 22 cats with 4 vets participating. We were able to close up by 1:15 pm, which was a good thing because, as promised, the power went off at 12:20. A loss of power would have greatly impeded our progress, to say the least. At this most recent clinic, we passed another milestone – we sterilized our 10,000th animal! Do some simple math and you can see what a tremendous difference this has made for the animals and residents in Boquete and the surrounding areas. Of course, none of this could be accomplished without the help of our wonderful volunteers, many of whom have been with us for many years. We thank you all for your time and devotion to the cause of improving the lives of animals. We give a special thanks to our friend Dra. Sandy Ullstrup who has generously donated her services for our first 3 clinics of this year, as well as many others in previous years. And of course, we thank all those who bring food to our clinics to ensure that the volunteers and vets never get hungry during the long days. A special thank you to Heidi of Mike’s Global Grill, who for years now has donated 5 pizzas to us for every clinic. Thank you to all!

Our next clinic will be on Sunday April 24, getting us back on our usual schedule of the last Sunday of the month.


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