February, 2015 Clinic Recap

On Sunday February 22, 2015, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 155 animals: 91 dogs and 64 cats.  We had 4 vets from Costa Rica along with Dra Sandy from Poterillos and Dr Dan and his veterinary student, Sara.  We have now spayed or neutered over 8000 animals in Boquete and the surrounding areas; those numbers mean a safer cleaner environment in our towns and healthier animals who are no longer increasing the animal population.

The clinic was very smooth-running; we are certainly enjoying being in our new home. We have a flow going that works very well and we were able to finish up by 4pm. Many thanks to all our dedicated volunteers!

Thank you to Nancy Halbert for her fabulous breakfast and lunch.  Thanks to Heidi from Mike’s for bringing the vet’s favorite pizzas out to us and to Rodrigo for his great lettuce and to all those who work so hard to keep us fed and happy all day long.

Our next clinic will be March 29.  For an appointment, please contact Magaly at 6563-8686 or boqueteanimales@gmail.com.

Don’t forget that next Sunday March 8 is Bid4Boquete, an event that supports not only Amigos de Animales but many deserving charities in Boquete.  It will be a fun event and we hope to see everyone there.

Congratulations to our friend Dottie Atwater in Volcan on her 80th clinic!  Together we are all making a difference.

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