January, 2015 Clinic Recap

On Sunday January 25, 2015, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 222 animals:  135 dogs and 87 cats.  We had 5 vets working, some with 2 tables.  In the morning it was raining cats and small dogs and in the afternoon it was pouring big dogs.  We never know whether the animals will be big or small so we always need volunteers to be ready for any and all!  And we had lots of volunteers – some old hands and many new ones; all are welcome.

This was our first clinic in our NEW HOME!  It is wonderful to finally have a facility to call our own and spread out and get organized.  Victor Fuentes did a fabulous job – he does great work and he delivered on time.  Thank you Victor!

And thank you to all who donated to our building fund.  We hope that everyone will be able to come to our dedication ceremony on February 15 at 2pm to see our wonderful new home.  From the surprise front doors from Victor to our spacious new kitchen and the wide open space to work with the animals, please join us in celebrating this great new addition to the Boquete community.  An announcement will be coming out soon!

Thank you as always to all who worked with us on Sunday.  A big thanks to Boquete Artworks for the use of their chairs. And thank you to all those who made sure we were well fed all day long: Heidi from Mike’s, Nairn and Nancy and Rodrigo with his lettuce and Jane with her sandwiches– we are truly blessed to have such support from the community.

The next clinic will be Sunday February 22.

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