July, 2015 Clinic Recap

On Sunday July 26, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 166 animals, 84 dogs and 82 cats.  Once again, the number of cats at our clinic is increasing, almost the same as the dogs, and that is certainly a good thing for the stray and feral cat population.

This was what we could call a “good clinic.”  We started on time and finished early (!)  and it all went according to plan. Of course, it certainly helps if you have 7 vets and lots of volunteers.  We have some new (to us) vets as well and our good friend Dr Tello has been working with them to ensure that they maintain our great record of safety and care for all the animals that we are entrusted with.

I was originally dismayed that our wonderful lunch provider could not do our lunch as usual, but once again our volunteers stepped up and we had more food that we could have hoped for.  Many thanks to all, and we wish Nairn a speedy recovery.

We tried out a new system of registration; we are always trying to tweak our system to be more efficient and better serve our patients and their guardians or collectors.  We appreciate everyone’s patience.

Our thanks to the vets who work so hard all day long and to our volunteers, both new and old, who spend the last Sunday of the month helping to better the lives of the animals in the Boquete area.  As ever, we have the best volunteers in the world; together we are making a difference!

The next clinic will be Sunday August 30.

To register, contact Magaly at boqueteanimales@gmail.com or 6563-8686

To volunteer, contact Alicia at akcleavenger@hotmail.com

Thank you.


Upcoming Animales events:

Chili Challenge – Sunday August 23 at the Amigos de Animales building

“World Famous” Venta de Patio – Sunday September 13 at Gimnasio El Cacho.  Look for Alicia at the Tuesday Market with your donations.

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