June, 2015 Clinic Recap

On Sunday June 28, 2015, we spayed or neutered 200 animals, 103 dogs and 97 cats.

This was supposed to have been a small clinic, or what passes for small anymore.  We were expecting 150 animals and with 4 vets we thought it should be a relatively easy day.

But one of our vets could not make it due to a family emergency and by mid morning we already had registered 180 animals.  When one of our collectors,  Carmencita arrived with another 25, we knew it would be a long day.

And it was, but as always our wonderful volunteers rose to the occasion, they arrived early, worked hard, stayed late and we were done by 7:30 that evening. The vets, too, are just amazing.  They started at 8:15 in the morning and worked all day without a break.  Such devotion and dedication of both the vets and volunteers is an inspiration to us all!

Our next clinic will be Sunday, July 26.  Call or email Magaly for your reservation number at 6563-8686 or email:  boqueteanimales@gmail.com  All reservations must be made to Magaly no later than 4 p.m. on Thursday, July 23.  Together we are making a huge difference!  Alicia McGuigan co-president, Amigos de Animales  www.aadab.org



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