“Land Of Stray Dogs” Is Heavenly

Refuge For Hundreds Of Stray Dogs

By Dorothy Atwater

What a wonderful idea! I wish we had something like this in Panama. (I do wonder if
the dogs have all been sterilized…I think the video says have been. I also wonder
if they get into fights. Just with my 16 dogs, sometimes one will be attacked. I keep a
cattle prod handy!)

There’s a refuge in Costa Rica called one of the best places on the planet for a stray
dog to live. Territorio de Zaguates (or “Land of Stray Dogs”), is a no-kill refuge that cares for hundreds of homeless dogs, who can run free on the sprawling property in the hills outside of San Jose.
The dogs are given food, water and shelter where they can sleep at night.
It’s also where volunteers bathe and care for them.
Each dog is given a name and available for adoption. The mutts are also given
their own“unique breed” status.
“Our mission is to find a home for all dogs that are in our care,” Territorio de Zaguates
writes on Facebook. “We are a temporary home for hundreds of dogs looking for a second chance, and we are also the permanent home of many others who may never find their own family.”

Volunteers regularly take the dogs out on hikes on the large property for exercise.
Look at all those happy faces!

See the wonderful pictures plus a video here:

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