October 2015 Clinic Recap


On Sunday October 25, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 181 animals:  88 dogs and 93 cats. While this was not as big a clinic as planned, it was plenty big and went very well.  This year, at several clinics, the number of cats brought in equaled or surpassed the number of dogs; the cat trappers have been hard at work.

Our annual total for 2015 is 1907 animals: 1062 dogs and 842 cats, the percentage for cats having gone up considerably from prior years.  Our total for 10 years is now 9577 animals; we should hit 10,000 by mid-year 2016!

Hard to believe that we have completed a full year in our new facility.  Every time we walk into our new home, we are all filled with such gratitude and pride that we really have this place and it is ours. We are so thankful for our donors who believed in us and helped us to fulfill this dream. We are grateful to our volunteers and vets and food providers and collectors and friends in Boquete and the surrounding area.

We are humbled and amazed and truly thankful for what can be accomplished when a group of people work as a team for a common goal. We thank each and every one of you who have worked with us this year; it is such an honor to know such fine and caring people who give so generously of themselves to make the lives of the animals in Boquete so much healthier and safer.

We will start up again on January 31, 2016.  We look forward to seeing you all then.

Together we are making a difference.

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