Veterinarian List

We have assembled this list over the years in order to provide the community with an updated list of local veterinarians. If, however, you find some of the information to be outdated or invalid – or if you are aware of any new local veterinarians – please contact us as soon as possible.

Please Note: We do not offer veterinary services. Please do not contact us requesting this, as we will only be able to redirect you back to this page. If you need immediate veterinarian services, please refer to the table below.


Name of Veterinarian Location Phone Numbers Language Comments
Dra. Chely Castillo Boquete 6518-4127 Spanish/some English Officeworks Spay/Neuter Clinic
Dr. César MendozaVet-on-Wheels Boquete, David 6908-3833 Spanish/good English Mobile vet clinic 24/7.  Home call vet service 
Cuco (Dr. Felix Gonzáles) Boquete/DolegaMobile – on call 6588-3039 and 720-1700 Spanish Makes house calls – available at night after normal working hours
Emilio Gonzalez Boquete/PotrerillosMainly horses & cattle egcvet@gmail.com6384 6933 Eng/Spanish studied and practiced for many years in the US, California
Dr. Roberto Crespo Boquete areaMobile – on call 6480-7273 Spanish North of Boquete – Makes house calls
Dr. Jose Batista Boquete/David, Quinyero Villareal StBoquete, near La Posada Restaurant

Now in Boquete afternoons

6090-2503,6480-7380,,730-3329 (David clinic)730—9618  (Boquete clinic)

6650-0458 (emergency)

Asst. Jimmy Gaitán 6220-1805

Spanish/English(?) General medicine, surgery, pharmacy & diets, home visits for emergencies
Dr. Claudio Garcia David, Clinic 6497-93996700-1931 emergency
or 730-3630
Spanish 24 hr clinic (Ref: Martha)
Near St Francis church, at the end of Calle Tercera next to Funeraria El Retiro
Dr. Contaro David, Clinic 6560-1158 Spanish Works with Amigos S/N
(Ref: Agnes & Patrick)
Dr. Jorge Gomez
Clinica  Vet Don Henry
David, Ave 1 Oeste G Nte 6675-3719 cell; 775-7531 ofc.
Home: 775-7522
Spanish/English Clinic in David, also pharmacy & pet food
Dr. Moisés Lezcano David, Cl G Nte 775-4969 Spanish/some English 24/7 emergency clinic including holidays;
x-ray, lab
Samuel and Patricia Guirardi* David, Clinica Veterinaria Happy Pet 6948-1476, 6948-1475
or 775-0501
Sp/Portuguese and he speaks English Ave. 6a Oeste. Go Obaldia toward town center. Turn left Calle M Norte, left again on Ave. 6a Oeste
Dra. Sandy Ullstrup Potrerillo part time 6506-2974 English Consultation & S/N clinics
Dr. Norman Escruceria Panama City & S/N Clinics 6677-6785 cell,  217-1310 clinic English/Spanish Comes to Chiriqui for S/N clinics
Dra. Anabel Herrera Panama City & S/N Clinics 261-2470 or cell 6604-5145 English/Spanish Comes to Chiriqui for S/N clinics
Dr. Miguel Gonzáles Rivera, K-Nino Panama City 236-7131/ 260-5748
Cell 6612-6873
Spanish/some English 24 hour emergency; x-ray
Dr. Andres Tello Costa Rica, near borderSpay & neuter clinics Chiriqui 00506-8384-7849 cell00506-8326-5542 home
00506-2783-3396 office
Spanish/English Will come to the border and take animals to his clinic.

This is only a LIST of area vets.  Amigos de Animales does not endorse or recommend any specific veterinarian.