We are an entirely volunteer, self-funded organization, a group of dedicated animal lovers who believe we can help the community by eliminating future generations of homeless and starving dogs and cats.

At our clinics we have around 35 volunteers at any given hour working in various capacities such as reception, giving injections, shaving, assisting the vets, animal control, and helping the animals to recover.

Every clinic is a carefully choreographed production: the animal is logged in, taken to intake where it is weighed and given anesthesia, antibiotics and pain meds, shaved and tattooed, operated on, taken to post-op and given additional medications, and then to recovery where we work to bring the animals around in the fastest and safest manner. Except for the surgery, all of these functions are performed by our volunteers. This requires no prior experience though we do provide monthly training classes for new and returning volunteers.

There are many other ways you can help as well: event planning and fundraising, laundry, education, cooking, animal transport. If you love animals and want to make a difference in our community, please join us!

If you wish to volunteer, contact us today!